Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Damage Control

so I was sick enough to not ride from monday to saturday but since I still kinda of want to do well in the MOM series I went anyways hoping that only my cold infected lungs would be a bother and not the stomach issues I had the day prior. I normally ride at least 10 hours a week if not much much more some weeks. I have no real "training" schedule and probably do tons of junk miles.

I decide to go to Brady's take a Vitamin-I  to make sure I do not Soil my chamois. get there sign up. Hear we are doing 3 laps! I am excited but also know that my cold weaken lung are going to cause me to hack a lung on Brady's short but pretty steep and tight climbs.

Decide to run my wimpy 20 cog on the rear which will leave me spun out on the parade lap, but should be faster on the Singletrack.


Apparently I was the 10th fastest person last week, so I got the last call up.:) but being that we are doing about 3/4s of a mile on flat paved road knew that many geared riders were going to pass my now even more under geared SS. Oh BTW Single Speeds are stupid. were off and I am spinning at bazillion rpm to go almost 20mph. Lots of geared riders pass me, luckly they aint in my class. Only Justin and Evan are far ahead by the short pavement climb. I accelerate up the climb starting regain some postion.

Lap 1

Spinning down the next fireroad section I hold my own and start to hold back slightly to get up the first steep and just technical enough climb that I know people will be walking. I make the climb passing a bunch of riders walking. Success the 20 tooth is working out. On top of the climb starts what I have dubbed the log crossing capitol of the world. The first lap goes like this.

hop log
log pile in the middle of the middle of the turn
log pile
big log pile

basically I think there are about 123 log piles per lap here coupled with the tight singletrack its heaps of fun, but makes it hard to pass. On this lap I managed to drop a bottle, which lead to the 3 SS guys who were behind me passing me. Kieth Hower provided motivation though for alot of the laps as I refused to be passed by him, he also never called it out. Kieth your a strong rider. Ride with less anger and you wont break your bike!

down the doubletrack section that is scary and make my sphincter clench everytime I go down it at race pace.  

Lap 2

my lungs hurt but my legs feel great. I am really starting to hate this cold. I am holding my own and doing quite well. This lap goes smoothly and I ride everything except for one to steep hill. end of the lap I catch up to a junior finishing his 1st and only lap and start encouraging him to sprint it out. Which he does, but he also abruptly turns left and stops right in front after finishing. I do my best job to impale him with my bar ends and luckly I dont succeed. As soon as I untangle, I start riding realizing that my handlebars are really crooked and I am way to anal to ride with out everything "perfect" so I have to get my tool out and straighten them and now start with a couple SS guys in front of me.

Lap 3

so now I am playing catchup to about 3 SS. Luckly for me I again make the climb and again catch them all as they are walking. Luckly for me this would be the last I would see of any of them. Brian B says at the top you must be hurting, instead of responding that yes my lungs were left back at the car I just pedal as fast I can down the super fun technical singletrack. For what I lack in pedaling proweness I more than make up in the ability to go down singletrack and mach looney. Mark Liti provied a good rabbit for me but I never caught him.

end of the lap there was a super fun Pump Track section. Leelikesbikes would be proud.

notice that intensity? yeah thats because my lungs were screaming not because I am fast but because I am still sick.

ok so 6th outta of 15 SS for the day, really bad overall. Still kept my third for the series which is my realistic goal. Although Jay B, Brian P, and Darin arent going make that easy.

results and standings

this week so far still have a cold but have been out  enjoying the chilly fall weather on the road bike. Waiting for some cross parts as this weekend is a cross double header! My plan is beat Pflug! ha I wish but I hope to do as well as possible and hopefully my cold is gone by then.

coming up next why Single Speed bikes are stupid, but yet I continue to ride them.

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