Monday, October 4, 2010

Month of Mud was finally muddy!

after a horrible Single Speed race and a pretty good B race, I was more than warmed up from the Grove City MOM infact I was tired. Although HEED and Vitamin I helps my muscles not ache and made me about 95 percent for the Grove City race.

Grove City  cross was the exact opposite of the ABRA Kick Off in Wayneburg. Where saturday was dry, warm, fast and had bunch of tight turns on a non technical course. Grove City was cold, wet, slow,muddy had open areas and was actually quite technical. Grove City's is a really hard place to gear a SS for as well. There are a couple loose climbs, some singletrack, and a couple really tight turns that make you want an easier gear...but there is also some long road sections that will quickly spin out a low gear. I went with a 40/18 gear which kept me from being spun on out on all but one section of road and was good for 95 percent of the course. In the dry I think that it would have been perfect but with the wet there were several sections that become run ups for me.


No call up for me as I was nowhere near the 10 fastest at Brady's Run. but I was still only 2nd ish row. The SS is easy to hammer up to speed as its just feels great sprinting on it. I quickly passed a bunch of spun out SS guys at least the 40/18 was doing something right. In the prologue laps things opened up quite a bit and I luckly found my way to Jpok's wheel who was being pulled by his teammate down the road. I had delusions of grandeur and actually tryed to jump Jpok out of the hairpin on the road.  I got past him for couple seconds but he went past me with Montana in tow on the road. That would be last I ever saw of the eventual 2nd and 3rd place. Evan Perrone the leader of the series was already up the road.


not having the legs its was hard to go flat out. Knowing that the first 3 were most likely gone my goal was just to hold off fellow SS Rob and Darin that I could see ever so close to me everytime the course doubled back on itself. Some racing and battling with a fast veterans Joe Fotia, Matt Tinky, Don Powers and expert rider Kieth Hower. The course was a mess and some of the tight turns were really wearing on me on my SS.

Some of the pschocrossers today, Fred Jordan photo

Ben got a great picture of how muddy this place was

also I was having to run a 50 yard long section in the woods because my gear was just to tall for the loose. muddy, rocky climb this made it pretty hard to hold my ground. I did stay almost to close for comfort ahead of Darin by the last lap.

Last  Lap

with no Single Speeds in sight in front of me, but Darin and Rob with in 30 seconds of me at the first barriers. I decide to start putting out everything I have to keep them as far a away as possible. Kieth was glued to my wheel after my 50 yard foot sprint in the back woods and I was also hoping I could beat Keith as well despite being in separate classes . Nothing against him he is just strong enough Id feel good about beating him. I did a strong and smooth lap but Kieth was smart and in my draft nearly the whole way. I put some distance on Darin and Rob. I was hoping Id get to hold his wheel to final hairpin to sprint it out but I made a bone head move in the second to last non pavement turn and he went right past me while I was on the ground. I got up looked back and still went hard cause I didnt not want to be caught. Finish.

4th outta of 14th SS not good overall.  Results

The photo Paparazzi was out today in force. Ben Stephens, Jon Pratt, Thomas Tad,Fred Jordan, and Mike Briggs. Special thanks to these guys! I am sure all of the racers love to see the suffering. Here are some shots of me, and yes Jason it is all about me!

How not to run a barrier by me, my right foot got stuck so my timing was all off hence I had both hands on on the bars and not one on the top tube.

The back Boggy section leading into the hill of death. For some reason I look happy to be riding it though
Dazed and confused

 Pratt takes pretty pictures

The start of the Pavement section

Checking out my competion

Me staying ahead of old man or young whipper snapper powers
Air me!

Passing out on the bike is so me

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