Friday, October 15, 2010

We are crossed up.

Last sunday me and 10 other were really confused. We took are cross bikes into the woods for some singletrack riding. We didnt stop there though. Not only did we ride singletracks some of use rode the log piles and bunny hopped the biggest obstacles we were able find.

Cross bike while very efficient in a cross environment make for a rather rough ride on otherwise easy singletrack. Its is great cross training though for cross. The skills you can learn by riding singletrack will make you a faster cross rider. My bunny hop gets better each time I go out and ride trails, hopefully soon I can start to bunny hop cross barriers.

Ben Stephans got some GPS data from the ride. I was surprised to see 2900 feet of climbing.

Oh yeah we also rode the BMX track, learning to pump.


Rob on the singletrack

Joe and Tim on the leafy trail

and lastly a video of me and Jake's BMX escapades

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