Friday, October 15, 2010

SCSSS - Singletrack Causes Spontanous Smiling Syndrome

Got to ride Raystown Lake last saturday. For those of you that dont know Raystown Lake is a 40 miles of purpose built MTB trail located just south of Huntington, Pa. These trails are some of the fastest and flowiest trails anywhere. Simple put I was spontaneously smiling at several point while whooping it up the whoops.

So here was the GPS track

and some pictures.

me and my big "motor" love these fast trails

J's bike nearly let us down a mere 8 miles into the ride

Jason takes his fun way to serious

He was railing some hard turn though fun to watch.

At Raystown they take the flow so seriously that they actually blow leafs of the trails.

Peee Aaaaayyyyyy lookin pretty

Short little clip of J's motocross steeze right here.

all in all 24 miles at a average speed of 10  mph, apres ride was some pizza being served by a pretty Italian girl in some no name town in Pa. I will be back, just dont if Ill be back this fall.

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