Monday, October 4, 2010

Murphy's Law and a little bit of flow - ABRA CX Kick Off

Everyone knows what Murphy's Law is. Basically my first cross race of the season had so many mishaps that to finish well would have been a miracle. Going to recall these race as best as I can as I was half passed out doing both of them.

SS race

At the start line its announced there will be a 25 dollar holeshot prime. The Cat 4/Single Speed group is all talking and all the sudden the whistle blows. Talk about a blown start.  I wasnt the only one. Pflug also reported that he was caught be surprise as well. So now I have tons of people to get past. Which I do in a lap or 2 but Miller, Jpok are gone and I am struggling to go any faster. I preceed to duke it out with Don Power for first half of the race but I am having many issues. Issue one my shoes wont stay on my pedals every time I hit the 2 short uphills I am pulling my feet right out of my pedals. More serious issues were to come. The first serious issue is my ghettoiezed tubeless system burped my rear tire, and its was causing more burps it was making it very hard to ride the course hard as I had to slow down alot doing the corners. Then while battling with Don Powers I had the most serious. My square taper crank decide to back off the non drive side. I limped back to start area pedaling with one leg, and after a couple minutes and lots of places losses, I found a 8mm Allen wrench and tighten the bastard down to ARGGGGHHHH. At this point in time I was already lapped by the leaders. I finished 9th outta of 11 Single Speed (although would have been 5th Cat 4). If anything at least I learned in defeat

A. The course
B. To tighten my cranks bolts tighter
C. To not run 25 psi in my ghetto tubeless
D. To tighten my pedals up.

frustrated with my showing in the SS race I signed up for B race. I tighten the cranks bolts, tighten up the pedals, and also tried 33 psi in my ghetto tubeless tires. On different note the weather was amazing with temps in the 60s and not a cloud in the sky. Watching the womens was fun as well. B race time.

B(cat 3/4) race

 I first I got a second row start position, and I also notice my left pedal would not clip in(more on that later). At least this time I actually paid attention on got went when the whistle was blown. I came to the first steep climb and saw a pile up inside so I went outside and ran up passing a bunch of people stuck in the pile up. I then was able to keep hard pressure on, making move up though the field till I was solidly top ten. This course was a blast being super dry and havingg tons of turns places to pass. My favorite way to pass was to start late apexing turns untill I could be inside of people and use the SS advantage to get them coming out of the turn. So much fun. I was for sure running on all cylinders and felts like I was on the edge, but was able to stay there. Jordan V. and Tim Mould were great people who I got to race with in this race also got to battle with my teammate Stick who was glad I blew myself up. I was having issues clipping back in which ended up being that half my SPD was missing.  I ended up blowing myself up and had several people pass me on the last lap but still finished  9th outta of think 30. First SS as well.  This race hurt bad but I enjoyed myself and besides the pedal breaking everything else held together. This race felt like I was flowing instead of fighting. I also didnt leave anything left in the tank at all.

Ben got a sweat photo of me on the little downhill.

Greg Flood got this right after the little stiff climb

 Stick looks angry because he forgot his Thick Jersey and instead went with the ninja look

I also picked up some new 520s, and put some lock tight on my cranks bolts in prep for Grove City MOM the next day.

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